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Star Wars C-3PO-branded Sky+HD remote: Hands on

In anticipation of The Force Awakens hitting cinemas, Sky has unleashed a fleet of Star Wars-themed Sky+HD remotes. 

There’s a total of ten remotes up for grabs, each based on a character or famous scene from the Star Wars canon and we’ve been able to get our mitts on the C-3PO-themed one. 

As you can see from our close up pics, it does away with the usual matt finish and rubbery grips of the standard Sky+HD remote control and rocks a glossier, shinier exterior. Other than that, it’s exactly the same as a regular Sky remote, with the exception of a cross head screw holding the battery cover in place. 




Related: Sphero BB-8 reviewWe didn’t fail to note that the batteries Sky supplied with this remote were Duracell batteries which, in case you haven’t seen this ad, is an official Star Wars sponsor. Hashtag product placement! 

Sky’s partnership with Disney means that in the run up to The Force Awakens hitting UK cinemas on December 17, you’ll be able to tune in to Sky Movies Star Wars, a pop-up channel that’s broadcasting all six Star Wars movies from December 11 until January 3. 

The multi-year deal with Disney means that Sky Movies subscribers will be first in line to watch The Force Awakens once it finishes its theatrical. 

If you can’t contain your excitment until then, you can pick up one of these Sky+HD remotes now for £24.99. 


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