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When is superfast fibre broadband coming to me? TalkTalk predicts ‘modest’ take-up

When is superfast fibre broadband coming to me?

TalkTalk predicts ‘modest’ take-up for fibre

Demand for fibre broadband is likely to be modest, despite new sign-ups more than quadrupling in the past six months.

TalkTalk now has 30,000 superfast fibre broadband customers among its four million broadband customers, with 22,000 signing up in April-September 2012, compared to just 5,000 between October 2011 and March 2012.

“We expect demand to grow from here, for example from customers who are interested in taking TV from us and live in a fibre-enabled area, but who currently do not receive sufficient speed to take our TV product,” said TalkTalk’s latest quarterly financial report.

“Nevertheless, we expect overall fibre demand among our customer base to remain modest until the value for money benefits become clearer and the installation process simpler.”

November 13, 2012

BT has announced that 11 million customers can now order BT Infinity FTTC broadband. This is up from the 10 million homes and business properties that BT announced it has passed earlier this year.

July 25, 2012

BT is planning to make superfast fibre broadband available two-thirds of UK homes by 2014, but what does that mean? Is it already available where I live, or will it never reach me?

With so many broadband providers to choose from, it can also be a nightmare trawling through individual postcode checkers to find out who can give you the best result. So what are your options?

Recombu Broadband Speed Test

Our own broadband speed test will tell you what you’re getting now and what you can expect to get from selected broadband providers in your area.

Click on the image below to go to visit the Recombu Digital Broadband Speed Test.

Recombu Broadband Speed Test

BT Openreach Superfast Exchange Postcode Checker

BT Openreach is upgrading exchanges and streetside cabinets for FTTC and FTTP on a weekly basis.

The superfast exchange map will show the exchanges in your area and tell you which ones have been upgraded or are due to be upgraded. There are also PDF lists showing the state of all of the UK’s telephone exchanges. It won’t give you a list of streetside cabinets, but it’s pretty detailed.

Click on the image below to go to the BT Openreach Exchange Postcode Checker.

BT Openreach Superfast Exchange Map

SamKnows UK Exchange Map

SamKnows is an independent broadband speed measurement consultancy. It supplies the data for Ofcom’s annual fixed broadband speed reports, and works with ISPs to embed broadband mapping software into routers.

SamKnows is also planning to sell its Whitebox broadband measurement units, which anyone will be able to plug into their broadband connection – in return you’ll get access to their data on UK broadband performance.

They’re also developing a firmware upgrade for the most popular routers, which will run the Whitebox measurement and data reporting inside your router.

The UK Exchange Map covers all ISPs, combining data from BT, Virgin and other ISPs into one report for your postcode.

Click on the image below to go to the SamKnows UK Exchange Map.

SamKnows UK Exchange Map


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