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Nest, Philips Hue and Yale Locks now work with SwannOne cameras and sensors

Smart home ecosystem SwannOne now interoperates with Nest’s learning thermostat, Philips Hue smart lights and Yale’s smart Locks. 

The modular system, which consists of security cameras and a range of motion sensors, all managed from one central app, was always designed to play nicely with third party services. 

Users can now create schedules and IFTTT (If This Then That)-type triggers which will see things like your Philips Hue lights come on if a SwannOne sensor detects the front door opening or motion in a specific room. 

Related: New 3rd-gen Nest thermostat adds water-heating powers, catches up with Tado, ClimoteSwann promises you’ll be able to set codes for keyless Yale digital locks from the same app, which will let you do things like temporarily let couriers and visitors in to your home, keeping an ever-watchful eye on them from the 720p HD camera feeds. 

When we met with Swann back in September, we were told that the SwannOne temperature sensors will communicate with Nest, feeding back information about room temperature more quickly, theoretically allowing you to save more money. Swann’s also promising that you’ll be able to do things like set schedules from the app, letting you fire up the heating in time for you coming home from work. 

Of course, you can also do this through version 5.0 of the Nest app, which is also something of a smart home Swiss Army knife too. While Nest only really works with its own-branded products for now, SwannOne is designed to work with multiple smart home services and providers, including Kwikset and Wesier smart locks. 

Nicole Tyquin, marketing communications manager for connected home at Swann said: “SwannOne endeavours to enable users to access their home from just one single app. 

“We’ve built an open platform that lets other devices connect with SwannOne to improve the lives of our customers. We have partnered with a number of brands such as Nest, Phillips Hue and Yale to broaden the functionality of the SwannOne Smart Home and integrate with devices our customers already have in their home.” 

We’re working on a full review of the SwannOne Alarm Starter Kit now and will explore just how well it works with Philips Hue amongst other things before we publish. 

Until then, check out our feature on SwannOne for a better idea of what it’s capable of and how much you’ll need to fork out. 


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