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T-Mobile data roaming rates cut, starting at £1 for 3MB

T-Mobile has announced cuts to its data roaming rates for UK holidaymakers. Coming into effect on the 19th of July, Mobile Broadband customers on T-Mobile will be able to sign up to price plans that start at £1 for 3MB of data.

The T-Mobile Broadband Travel Boosters last for either 30 days, or until you exhaust the set usage limit.

Prices for roaming in Europe work out at 3MB, 20MB, 50MB and 200MB for £1, £5, £10 and £36 respectively.

As well as announcing new rates for Europe, T-Mobile Broadband Travel Boosters can be bought for other parts of the world as well. T-Mobile’s table of prices can be confusing at a glance. Basically there’s four ‘country groups’ which are as follows:

  •     A – USA, Turkey, India
  •     B – Canada, Jamaica
  •     C – Chile, Hong Kong
  •     D – Qatar, Cuba, Brazil

So if you were visiting the States or Turkey, you’d be paying £5 for 1MB, or £30 for 50MB. Note that in countries listed in the B, C and D groups you’ve only got the option to buy bundles of up to 50MB.

There’s also separate rates for business customers (prices shown exclusive of VAT) using T-Mobile Broadband Travel Boosters.

When you connect to the web with your T-Mobile dongle, you’ll be taken to a page from where you can purchase the Broadband Travel Booster you want. For Pay Monthly customers, the bundle cost will be added to your bill separately. Pay-as-you-go punters will see the cost deducted from their credit.

As you’re essentially restricted by the 30 day time limit or by however much data you’ve paid for, there’s no chance of you going ‘out of bundle’ and racking up additional charges. Once you’ve exhausted your data limit and you try to connect to the net again, you’ll be taken to the same start page and prompted to pay.

This news comes ahead of an EU ruling which will force European networks to cap data roaming costs to avoid the ‘bill shocks’ of the past. Under the rules, which come into effect on the 1st of July, the cost of a single megabyte (MB) will have to be capped at 70 cents (or the equivalent thereof).

Along with T-Mobile Broadband Travel Boosters for mobile broadband, T-Mobile today also announced new data roaming rates for smartphones, which we’ve covered over on Recombu Mobile.


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