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Tado launches IFTTT channels for Heating and Cooling

Tado is launching two IFTTT channels that’ll let you link its thermostat and AC units with other smart home appliances and systems. 

Combining Tado’s heating and cooling units with other IFTTT (If This Then That)-compliant services means you’ll be able to have your heaters or air conditioner automatically shut down when you leave the house and lock the door. 

Related: What is IFTTT can how can I use it to hack my life and Best IFTTT Do Button recipies Thanks to the recent launch of Do Button for Android Wear, you’ll also be able to control the temperature from your wrist like a Bond supervillain. 

Tado’s exsiting geolocation feature, which uses the GPS antenna of your phone to figure out if you’re on your way home, can also be leveraged to trigger actions like turning on Philips’ Hue smart lights and getting your iKettle coffee machine warmed up and ready for your arrival. 

Christian Deilmann, Tado’s CEO and founder said: “Tado’s IFTTT integration enables our users to create their own unique intelligent homes to suit their lifestyles. This can also make their homes more comfortable and energy efficient with less effort.” 

Tado’s IFTTT channels are now live and kicking, with an armful of recipies – including ones incorporating LIFX smart bulbs, Android Wear, Twitter and Bttn – to boot. 

This means you’ll be able to control the temperature of your home with your Android Wear watch, or have your Tado system automatically turn out the lights once it notices that you’re away from home. Check out the links below to get working on IFTTT recipues of your own.  



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