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Tado rescues Windows Phone users from a freezing, expensive winter

Tado has finally released a smart heating app for Windows Phone users. 

Featuring the same basic function of the iOS and Android apps, the Tado app for Windows Phone essentially puts a thermostat in your pocket. You’ll be able to remotely check and control the temperature of your home, getting everything toasty warm before you get home.  

The Tado Windows Phone app also features fancy geolocation technology that will detect when people are leaving work and heading home, so you won’t even have to manually crank the temperature up on a day to day basis. 

Tado’s Windows Phone app allows you to control your heating

The idea is that by heating your house up prior to your arrival, you’ll spend less energy – and therefore less money. Tado reckons its innovative way of monitoring your heating habits and making sure your house is always warm when you’re in it will save your heating bill around 31 per cent a year. 

It works the other way around too: Tado will automatically switch the heating off when it detects the last person leaving the house. 

Tado’s CEO and co-founder Christian Deilmann said: “We would like to make our Tado solution available to as many people as possible, allowing them to easily save energy and money while also increasing their comfort at home. That is precisely what we are doing today by expanding to Windows Phone.”

As well as making use of the remote control and geolocation functions, Windows Phone customers can also check the status of their thermostat from a live tile, without having to open up the main app. 

Johannes Schwarz, co-founder and chief technology officer of Tado explained that Windows Phone 8.1 provided great opportunities for Tado, allowing the experience to be enhanced. 

Schwarz said: “With the release of Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft has put an excellent operating system out there. Particularly the location services, which are especially important for the automatic heating control by Tado, work outstandingly.”

Tado has also recently launched its latest smart thermostat and Tado Care a remote diagnostic service. Tado Care is a free service for existing customers if you’re happy with just being able to measure the water pressue in your house, or read suggestions when things go wrong.

Alternatively, you can pay for the upgraded service that includes engineer visits if anything goes seriously wrong.


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