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Tagg and let you track your pets with this GPS-powered collar

If you’ve ever wanted to find out where you cat heads off to when it’s not at home, shedding fur everywhere, then the Smart Pet Tracker is for you. 

A tie-up between Tagg, makers of the GPS Pet Tracker and cloud service providers now makes it possible to locate your pets if they go missing – or if you’re simply curious about which of the neighbours houses they’ve been visiting in their spare time. 

The hardware, made by Tagg, features a GPS antenna that lets you check in on your pet’s location through a remote console that’s accessible on desktops or on iOS and Android devices via an app. 

Scott Neuberger, chief executive officer of Tagg GPS Pet Tracker said: “When it comes to the value of the secure connected home, the well-being of pets is at the top of the list for most families. Together with, we are continually imagining, developing and integrating technology to reduce the number of things people worry about and increasing their level of control.” 

Tagg and let you track your pets with this GPS-powered collar
Tagged: Keep a satellite eye on your dogs and cats with Tagg and

As well as logging locations, Tagg says that the device will let you monitor activity levels so you can see how healthy (or lazy) your pets are. Ostensibly aimed at dog owners, you’ll be able to set exercise goals and review activity charts – a bit like a canine version of Apple Watch and HealthKit. Owners of rare cat breeds like Bengals and Savannahs, the kinds that are often taken out for walks, might find this useful as well. 

We’re going to go out on a limb here and venture that purveyors of adult VOD content of a more disciplinarian nature – the kind of stuff that is now facing a ban in the UK – might enjoy creatively repurposing this location-broadcasting collar. 

We’ve reached out to Tagg to see if this device is safe to be fitted on humans and we’re waiting to hear back. 

If you think that’s offensive, check out Tagg’s revolting promo clip below, featuring canine watersports. It’s probably SFW, but if you’re on your lunch break we’d advise you don’t watch it. Especially if your lunch contained apples. 

Going on sale in the first quarter of 2015, the Smart Pet Tracker with activity monitoring will cost around $119.95 (£79). You can pre-order the device now for a $20 discount at


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