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TalkTalk to bundle mobile SIMs with Plus TV broadband, home phone and YouView package

TalkTalk Mobile SIMs are to be bundled with TalkTalk broadband, TV and home phone deals as standard. 

All new and existing Plus TV customers will be able to get a SIM card giving them 100 minutes, 250 texts and 200MB of data a month, at no extra cost. The £18.50/month cost for the Plus TV bundle will remain the same. 

The SIM deal normally costs £5/month and gives you free calls to your TalkTalk landline and free calls to family members with mobiles on the same account. 

TalkTalk to bundle mobile SIMs with Plus TV broadband, home phone and YouView package
Get a free one of these: TalkTalk to offer free mobile minutes, messages and data to Plus TV customers

Existing customers can pre-order their free SIM today ahead of the offers launching in December.

TalkTalk’s commercial director Tristia Harrison said: “With so many families looking to reduce household expenditure, we think we can help millions of British homes potentially save hundreds of pounds every year by buying TV, phone, broadband and mobile as a single package. 

“TalkTalk brought the best value broadband and TV packages in Britain, and we are now doing the same by offering mobile as standard – exclusively for our customers.” 

Plus TV contracts are 18 months long, so with the free SIM deal you’re essentially saving £90 by not paying £5 a month. 

If you feel that the minutes, messages and data on offer aren’t enough you can sign up for other deals on TalkTalk Mobile instead and give the free SIM to another family member. 

Other SIM-only deals currently include a £12.50/month plan which gives you 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data. Big talkers who need even more data can take out a £22.50 deal which gives you 2,000 minutes, unlimited texts and 4GB of data. 

TalkTalk Mobile is exclusive to TalkTalk customers and uses Vodafone’s network, meaning reception in your area will depend on Vodafone’s performance.  

If it turns out that reception in your home isn’t great then it looks like you’ll soon be able to benefit from Talk2Go, a WiFi-calling app. This is a service that’s currently only available to TalkTalk Business subscribers but we’d be surprised if this wasn’t soon made available to residential customers as well. 

TalkTalk line rental to rise to £16.70/month

While the price of Plus TV will remain at £18.50/month TalkTalk has announced that its standard rate of line rental will be going up from £15.95/month to £16.70/month. 

Once the rate goes up this will see the total cost of the bundle going up to £34.90/month from £34.45/month. 

It’s not known when the price rise will be applied but current Plus TV punters or those thinking of signing up now might want to take advantage of TalkTalk’s Value Line Rental offer. 

This sees you paying a lump sum of £172.20 up front, which covers you for 12 months of line rental. This is the equivalent of paying £14.35/month. Over a year, £16.70/month works out as £200.40. While you’d have to cough up £172.20 all in one go, you’d save £28.20 – not a huge amount but a saving nonetheless. 

Sky and BT will also increase the cost of line rental this year. From December 1, both ISPs will stick £1 on the cost of their line rental, taking the prices up to £16.40/month and £16.99/month respectively. 

While BT customers will be able to make use of a line rental saver deal – £169.90 up front for a year’s rental – Sky subscribers currently don’t have the option


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