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TalkTalk MobileSafe: Hands on with Android parental controls and antivirus – video

TalkTalk’s MobileSafe app touched down in Google Play today and we gave it a quick road test. 

The new app is exclusive to TalkTalk Mobile customers and while it’ll work on virtually any Android phone out there – running Android 2.2 Froyo or higher – you’ll need to have a TalkTalk SIM card in your phone. 

We’ve got one and so we’re able to give you a quick demo of how MobileSafe works. It’s something of a Swiss Army knife in terms of mobile security. 

TalkTalk MobileSafe: Hands on with Android parental controls and antivirus

It’s powered by F-Secure and in terms of how it works its very similar to F-Secure’s own Android security app, the main difference being that this is free to use. 

Like TalkTalk’s HomeSafe, MobileSafe lets parents filter access to content from things like ‘Adult Content’, ‘Gambling’, ‘Social Networks’ and others. There’s three profiles for children, teenagers and adults and you can customise the level of filtering however you like. 

It’s a service that’s aimed primarily at parents but there’s features that everyone can use too. You’ve got an anti-virus scanner that checks for malware on downloaded files and a security feature that lets you track and find a lost or stolen phone. 

This works in a manner similar to Cerberus or Lookout but it’s operated by text commands. You enter a number of another phone which can then issue text commands like ‘Locate The Device’ and ‘Wipe Data’ if you think the phone has been stolen. 

In our video below you can get a better idea of how it all works and as you’ll see it’s pretty hard for anyone to undo the security settings once they’ve been put in place. 


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