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TalkTalk’s relaunch pricing plans and packages explained: What it means for new and existing customers

It’s fair to say that TalkTalk hasn’t had the greatest year, but in an effort to pick itself up and move on the company today relaunched with a brand new look and new, more transparent pricing to go along with it. Here’s what you need to know.

New products – fixed prices

TalkTalk has reworked its entire brand image to create a cleaner look and a clearer message. The company has also stripped back its offerings to two basic packages, both of which you modify to suit your needs during the purchasing process.

Fast Broadband will cost £22.95 a month and continues the company’s unlimited uncapped data offering at up to 17Mb, whilst the Faster Fibre Broadband package costs £27 a month but offers speeds up to 38Mb (or for £32 a month you can get even faster fibre speeds of up to 76Mb). There’s no additional cost for fibre save for a one-time £25 set-up fee, but beyond that, both packages share the same benefits.

Both run on an 18-month contract with line rental included and the monthly price is fixed for the duration. At launch, you can add unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles for £5 (usually £7.50) and there are boosters for international calls too.

TalkTalk’s SuperSafe security software comes as standard (for one device, but you can choose SuperSafe Boost to cover up to eight devices), as does an improved TalkTalk Mobile Essential SIM, which now boasts double the data (at 500MB) and double the minutes (200), as well as unlimited texts on a 30-day rolling contract.

What about TV?

Whichever broadband package you’re interesting in, TalkTalk TV is as ever on the table too, which means you can add in the basic box for a one-time £25 fee, or opt for the TV Plus Box which comes bundled with the Entertainment package that includes the likes of Sky 1 and National Geographic for £6 a month on top.

For the time being other add-ons like Sky Cinema (formerly Sky Movies) are available for £10 (was £15) and Sky Sports for £25 (was £32). Each of these boosters can be added or removed from your contract on a monthly basis.

Not just for new customers

Part of TalkTalk’s big restart is an effort to get all of its customers on the same page and on the same plans. As such, these new offerings aren’t just for new customers and the company will be reaching out to existing TalkTalk users today, offering a free upgrade to the new packages.

What if I don’t want to switch?

If you’re an existing TalkTalk customer and you’re happy staying where you are, you can expect price hikes for line rental in the coming months. TalkTalk claims that half of its customers stand to pay less than they currently do with these new products and with the 18-month price fixing, we’d have to agree that it makes sense to make the jump.


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