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Sub 2Mbps broadband speeds and TV drive customers to TalkTalk superfast fibre

TalkTalk customers making do with last-gen sub-2Mbps speeds are more likely to go for superfast fibre, according to the company’s latest quarterly results. 

In the last three months, 35,000 customers signed up for TalkTalk’s FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)-based broadband products and 175,000 punters put their money down for YouView-based TalkTalk TV

Otherwise, TalkTalk says that demand for its fibre-based services remains modest, except for in areas where is can deliver a dramatic improvement in a customers experience. 

Sub 2Mbps speeds and TV drive customers to TalkTalk superfast fibre

Read Recombu Digital’s UK Broadband Customer League TableTalkTalk’s broadband customer base now stands at 4,083,000, up 7,000 from three months ago. TalkTalk is still slightly behind Virgin Media in the UK’s broadband customer league table but is comfortably in fourth place, head and shoulders above distant fifth placer EE. 

BT and Sky have fared a little better over the last quarter, with each ISP adding over 100,000 new customers

Chief Executive of TalkTalk Dido Harding said: “We are delighted with the material step up in our revenue growth during the quarter, which shows the powerful effect of combining a modestly growing customer base, disciplined pricing and promotional activity, and strong new product growth particularly in TV.  

“In TalkTalk Business, we saw a strong acceleration in data products growth and successfully migrated Post Office customers onto our network.”  

The figures above does not reflect the addition of Post Office broadband, which is now managed by TalkTalk Wholesale. When the 103,000 Post Office customers are taken into account, the total customer base stands at 4,185,000. 

TalkTalk currently offers two fibre-based products offering speeds of up to 38Mbps (Fibre Medium) and 76Mbps (Fibre Large) respectively. 

Availability is based on location and the chances of you getting depends on whether or not Openreach, BT’s network arm, has upgraded your exchange and your nearby street cabinet. To date, Openreach has connected 18 million UK premises to fibre-based broadband. 

The BDUK (Broadband Delivery for the UK) programme will see superfast fibre broadband rolled out to more rural regions, where speeds are generally slower. Greater availability of fibre-based broadband could see more transformative experiences for TalkTalk customers in the future. 


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