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TalkTalk bundles £12 unlimited data SIM with Simply Broadband and TalkTalk TV

TalkTalk has announced a new deal which sees Simply Broadband and TV punters able to get a unlimited calls, texts AND data with a £12/month SIM. 

This new ‘All-in’ SIM-only deal is available to TalkTalk customers taking any of the SimplyBroadband services, whether that’s regular up to 17Mbps ADSL or up to 38Mbps TalkTalk Fibre. 

Similarly, you’ll be able to get this same 30-day SIM deal with whichever of the TalkTalk TV – Essentials or Plus – services you take.  

TalkTalk’s Plus bundle already gives you a basic TalkTalk Mobile SIM that gives you 100 minutes, 250 minutes and 200MB of data. The good news is that you’ll still be able to get this free SIM bundled in for free and qualify for the new £12/month deal. 

TalkTalk Mobile is a service that’s only available to TalkTalk customers. It uses Vodafone’s network but will be switching to O2 later.  If you can get good Vodafone or O2 signal in your area, then you’ll benefit from that same reception with TalkTalk Mobile.

If the signal’s not that great in the home, then you can make use of Talk2Go to remedy any domestic coverage blackspots. As of March 2015, this has saved customers millions of minutes as well as improving reception

Families can take advantage of free and cheap SIM deals like this by having more than one TalkTalk Mobile account. Existing TalkTalk customers can have up to five TalkTalk Mobile plans per address. 

New customers taking the Simply Broadband or TV Essentials packages can take one TalkTalk SIM-only deal when they first join and add up to four more SIMs (and two phones). 

New Plus customers can take this new £12 SIM on top of the free SIM they’d already get, and after three months, they can add up to three more TalkTalk Mobile plans.


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