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Television X plucks YouView’s on-demand adult TV cherry

TVXflix has become the first adult on-demand TV service to join YouView with a library of 18-rated HD films available 24 hours a day.

Based on the Television X library, it includes a What’s Hot front page, and search by category or stars.

Television X stars include Angel Long, Hannah Shaw, Elle Brooke, India, Keisha Kane, Crystal Pink, Emma Butt, Havana, Katie K, Kerry Louise.

Television X plucks YouView’s on-demand adult TV cherry
Beyond this warning screen, YouView’s TVXflix gets very…fleshy

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to YouViewShows including Cum Dine With Me and Shagnasty & Muttley can be rented for 48 hours for £4.99 each, or viewers can buy an unlimited subscription for £9.99/month.

The TVXflix player is only visible in the adult section of YouView On Demand until it’s been selected and unlocked with the box’s PIN.

Viewers can sign up through the TVXflix player, by phone or online, but must verify their age while entering their credit card details before videos can be streamed.

Monthly subscribers also get free online access to the entire Television X catalogue on PC, Mac tablet or smartphone.

Adult channel filters are switched on by default on YouView, with the option to completely hide the adult On demand section from view under a PIN-locked menu.


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