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Is Three cutting unlimited tethering to 2GB per month?

Mobile network Three is reportedly introducing a 2GB data cap on tethering – something which was previously unlimited. 

The popular One Plan gives subscribers access to unlimited mobile broadband data on phones and tablets. 

Thanks to the WiFi and USB tethering capabilities of virtually every phone out there right now, customers are also able to turn their iPhone 5S, Google Nexus 7 or Nokia Lumia 1520 into portable WiFi hotspots or mobile broadband dongles. Heck, even the BB10 BlackBerry phones have WiFi tethering. 

Is Three cutting unlimited tethering to 2GB per month?
Turn that off sunshine: No more unlimited tethering for you

Tethering is useful for students, working professionals – not to mention tech writers struggling with cruddy WiFi at events like Mobile World Congress – and anyone who finds themselves in internet access in a pinch.  

But it seems like Three is withdrawing the offer of unlimited data for WiFi tethering soon. ISPReview, where we first heard that uncapped WiFi tethering would be withdrawn said that the shutters would come down in March and a 2GB cap would be introduced for new customers ordering after then. 

In a call to sales teams Recombu was told that the offer of unrestricted WiFi tethering would be effective by tomorrow or the next day. 

It’s not clear if there will be an option to pay more for increased WiFi tethering breathing room. It is understood that unlimited data will still be available on The One Plan – it’s just the tethering option that’s being capped. 


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