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Three releases Huawei E5756 Ultrafast mobile WiFi ‘MiFi’ unit

Three has released the Huawei E5756, its latest mobile WiFi ‘MiFi’ unit, that works with the network’s Ultrafast HSDPA network. 

The Huawei E5756 is a portable WiFi dongle that contains a SIM card and a battery that lets you connect secure WiFi hotspots on the go for you and your mates to use. 

Three releases Huawei E5756 Ultrafast mobile WiFi ‘MiFi’ unit
Mighty fine MiFi: Three’s ‘3.9G’ network isn’t quite 4G but it’s still pretty fast

Read Recombu Digital’s guides to Mobile Broadband and 4GYou can shell out for a Huawei E5756 for £49.99 and get it on a rolling £19.99/month contract which comes with 5GB of data each month. Or, if your on-the-go use of mobile data is less frequent you can get the E5756 for a one-off £79.99 fee with 1GB of data pre-loaded. 

Sylvia Chind, Head of Devices at Three said, “As the network built for the internet, we are delighted to bring the first mobile Wi-Fi device with DC-HSDPA technology to our Ultrafast network. With this new pocketable MiFi people can enjoy faster speeds when sharing pictures on Facebook, sending work emails on train journeys and connecting their children’s games console to the internet on a long car journeys”.

Three likes to refer to its Ultrafast HSDPA network as ‘3.9G’ in it’s advertising, to highlight the fact that while it’s not 4G LTE, it’s almost as good.

Top download speeds available on Three’s network are in theory 42Mbps. In practice, the actual speeds depend based on where you are, how strong your signal is and how many people are using the network at that time.

Three is poised to launch its 4G network later this year and catch up with EE, which was allowed to jump the gun and launch a 4G service ahead of the auction. EE’s 4G network currently offers top download speeds of 40Mbps in most places but a recent speed doubling programme, kicking off in London’s Tech City this week.

As Three launches its network it will at the same time be installing an additional 5,000 mast sites across the UK. These should all be up and running by 2015, promising greater coverage and signal strength for Three users. 


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