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Tooway Direct launches up to 18Mbps speeds on satellite broadband

Tooway Direct has announced an upgrade to its satellite broadband services which sees download speeds jumping to 18Mbps.

This is a speed boost that’s been rolled out across the entire Tooway range, increasing the top download speeds to 18Mbps and uploads speeds to 6Mbps, up from 10Mbps and 4Mbps respectively.

To celebrate the launch, Tooway is also waiving the connection fee for its Tooway 18 Max product (18Mbps, unlimited downloads).

Tooway Direct is mainly hoping to target the 300,000 UK homes which reside in broadband not spots. Managing Director Andrew Walwyn for Tooway Direct said in a statement:

“Whilst satellite broadband is unquestionably the answer for many people stuck in not spots and now boasts many tens of thousands of satisfied users, we haven’t been resting on our laurels. Customer’s expectations are naturally increasing over time; with video and streaming TV programs becoming increasingly popular, and with more and more homes having several broadband enabled devices, our customers want more performance.

Tooway: Fastest residential satellite broadband service in the world

The speed boost also means that Tooway Direct offers the fastest domestic satellite broadband in the world.

“The new Tooway services raise the bar to a level where traditional wired services look embarrassingly slow, even in many major towns and cities. These new service levels mean even larger families with several PCs and smartphone users can share the services with total confidence in getting a good user experience,” Walwyn added.

The nature of satellite broadband means that you don’t need to live in an area covered by a BT exchange or by Virgin Media’s cable network.

“We feel that this will redraw the broadband map of Europe, as the new services mean tens of thousands of properties (that wouldn’t have been able to otherwise) can now access the next wave of broadband functionality.”

Residents of the Duddon Valley in Cumbria, threatened with disconnection were famously saved from a broadband black hole by Bentley Walker. Satellite broadband has seen businesses and communities in Wales connected thanks to sat provider ExWavia and Avanti starting work on a suitcase-sized portable router.

Update 03/07/2012: Amended to clarify that satellite broadband in the Duddon Valley is provided by Bentley Walker, a reseller of Tooway satellite broadband.


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