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Twitch and the BBC are hosting a classic Doctor Who marathon

Get your sonic screwdrivers at the ready because ‘social video service’ Twitch and BBC Studios have partnered up to bring classic episodes of hit BBC TV series, Doctor Who to the platform for fans to watch worldwide.

Some 500 episodes set across 26 seasons will be viewable at every Monday to Friday at 11am PDT (7pm BST), starting on May 29th. Over a seven-week period, fans of the series can relive classic episodes, starting with those from the year of the show’s inception (1963) through to the 1980’s, or William Hartnell to Sylvester McCoy, if you prefer.

To tie the experience into the Twitch platform even more tightly, viewers who choose to subscribe to the Twitch Presents channel will be able to use 14 exclusive Doctor Who emotes, pertaining to the seven Doctors appearing in the featured episodes during this run.

In the run-up to the introduction of each new doctor, entertainment and gaming content creators, The Yogscast, will be hosting a series of 20-minute pre-show discussions with former Doctor Who screenwriters, as well as a companion, experts and fans of the series. They’ll all weigh in on the appeal of the Doctor Who universe and what to expect from upcoming episodes too.

The channel itself has already played host to a number of other marathons in the past, including Yu-Gi-Oh! and Bob Ross, but by partnering with the BBC, this is arguably the most high-profile programming the channel’s ever shown.

To sweeten the pot even further, viewers in the US, UK, and Canada will be able to enter weekly sweepstakes, hosted by Twitch, for the chance to nab tickets to London Comic Con, which kicks off on October 26th.


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