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Unofficial YouView remote record workaround for Windows revealed

Intrepid YouView fans have worked out how to access the remote record function on Windows PCs. 

By using Bluestacks, a program which lets you run Android apps on a PC or Mac, members of YouView’s community forum have been able to remotely manage recordings from Windows laptops and desktops. 

As well as the added convenience of being able to set recordings from another device, this workaround has the advantage of letting users search for programmes on sites like TV Guide in another browser window and copy and paste programme titles into the YouView search bar. 

Unofficial YouView remote record workaround for Windows revealed
Screenshot courtesy of forum member Matt F, who discovered the workaround

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to YouViewAs thread starter Matt F points out, if you wanted to set this up on your work computer, you’d need someone at home to call up in order to get the PIN code needed to sync your YouView box with the Android app. 

In theory, you should be able to do this from Apple hardware too, as there is a Mac OS version of Bluestacks. This forum post explains in some detail how to get it working. 

It’s been confirmed to work on machines running Windows Vista as well as Windows 7 64-bit edition and around 2GB of RAM. We do not recommend doing this if you’re not confident.  

A YouView spokesperson said: “We don’t currently have any plans for developing a YouView computer application for Windows or otherwise.” 




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