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Virgin adds 3G emergency back-up for business VPNs

Virgin Media has added a plug-and-play 3G back-up option for business users who need to access a VPN without a wired connection.

Virgin adds 3G emergency back-up for business VPNsIPVPN 3G gives Virgin Media Business customers a wireless 3G router which they can plug into a power socket at their location and join the company VPN like they’re wired colleagues.

The IPVPN 3G router also has traditional ADSL and cable hookups so that they can be plugged in, if and when the remote location is wired up – with 3G always there as a backup.

Duncan Higgins, director of product and marketing at Virgin Media Business said: “Communications plays a huge role in our everyday business lives – as a nation we’re constantly connected with each other, whether that’s as colleagues or as customers. 

“Supplementing traditional connections with a 3G wireless connection, built on a reliable, high capacity network, means businesses can continue to rely on connectivity to keep customers happy and provide working options that meet their employees’ needs.”

Some consumer modem-routers already have a USB socket for connecting an optional 3G dongle in areas where the ADSL connection is unreliable.

The IPVPN offers an unusual option for corporate customers, with the 3G modem built-in alongside other features.


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