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Virgin Media brings Bert and Ernie to on demand in Sesame Street UK return

Sesame Street has returned to British TV in Virgin Media’s on demand library with guests including Emma Stone, Nicole Kidman, David Beckham, Bruno Mars and Ricky Gervais.

Virgin Media XL customers will find selected episodes from seasons 36 to 43 in both Virgin TV On Demand and Virgin TV Anywhere, both online and through the app for TiVo users.

America’s favourite educational TV show has been off-air in the UK since 2001, although BBC Northern Ireland, the Disney Channel and Channel 5 have aired spin-offs.

Virgin Media brings Bert and Ernie to on demand in Sesame Street UK return
Do Bert & Ernie have the proper visas to work in the UK?

Read Recombu Digital’s guides to Virgin Media TiVo and TV AnywhereNick Forward, director of TV at Virgin Media, said, “We’re really excited to have flown Bert and Ernie to the UK.  

“The show has an incredible legacy for educational, fun programming and we’re honoured to bring it into the homes of Virgin TV families. 

“These series were never broadcast here so this will provide hours of fun for the little ones this summer, and probably a fair few nostalgic adults too who grew up with the show.”

More than 500 celebrities have appeared alongside Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, Count von Count and Big Bird since James Earl Jones took the first Sesame Street guest spot in 1969.

Some of these episodes still can’t be seen outside the USA because the stars won’t give permission for international screenings, such as the White House restricting Michelle Obama’s appearance in 2009 (well, unless you’ve got YouTube).

In other cases Sesame Street has used stars and characters in local versions to promote HIV awareness in South Africa, bridge the sectarian divide in Belfast and teach youngsters in the Middle East about tolerance.

Sesame Workshop’s Celia Musikant said, “For 43 years, Sesame Street has sought to meet the critical needs of children while preparing them for school and for life.  

“The offering brings lessons of literacy, numeracy, and science, as well as tackles issues such as children’s health. We, along with our friends Bert and Ernie, are thrilled to be in the UK to celebrate Sesame Street on Virgin Media.”


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