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Virgin Media adds first year discount to broadband and phone Big Bundles

Virgin Media has sliced £1 off of its broadband, phone and TV bundles. 

Customers signing up for the SuperFibre 50Mbps service and the up to 100Mbps and 200Mbps ‘Vivid’ bundles will pay a reduced rate for the first 12 months of an 18 month contract. 

Previously, the cheaper introductory rate was only applied for the first six months of a bundle. The cable company’s now extending this grace period, in the wake of rival Sky upping prices for its pay TV packages

The basic SuperFibre deal gives you top download speeds of 50Mbps, unlimited downloads plus unlimited calls to UK landlines, 0870 numbers and Virgin Mobile numbers at weekends for £8/month for the first year and £19/month for the final six months. 

Bundles like the Big Bang, which includes Virgin’s TV M+ service (130+ channels), up to 100Mbps broadband and weekend calls will cost you £24/month for the first 12 months and £34/month thereafter. 

All of Virgin Media’s Big Bundles currently come with six months of free Netflix access included as standard. That’s the £7.49/month Netflix Standard subscription, which lets you stream on up to two devices at once, as well as letting you watch shows in 1080p Full HD, where available. 

Whichever way you slice it with Virgin Media, you’ll still be required to pay for line rental, which is charged at either £17.99/month as standard or £184/year, equivalent to paying £15.33/month. 

Virgin Media’s traffic shaping policy also applies to all broadband bundles; while downstream traffic is no longer throttled during busy hours, peak time caps on uploads still apply. 


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