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Virgin Media: Superfast broadband now the standard, 4.3 million signed up

Virgin Media has announced its latest quarterly figures which reveal that most of its 4.3 million broadband subscribers are now getting a superfast service. 

In the last three months, 250,000 subscribers moved up to 30Mbps or faster Virgin Media packages. In the last year, 1.3 million customers upgraded to superfast services. 

Now roughly 3 million, or 69 per cent, of Virgin customers are enjoying download speeds of 30Mbps or higher. 

Tom Mockridge, Virgin Media’s chief executive officer, added that over 45 per cent of new subscribers are going even faster, signing up for 60Mbps or above. 

Virgin Media: Superfast broadband now the standard, 4.3 million signed up

Read our guide to the UK’s Broadband Customer League TableMockridge said: “We are seeing people’s demand for faster broadband accelerate, even after we had completed our programme to double customers’ speeds earlier this year.” 

Customers seem happy to spend more for the faster speeds, with the average sum per customer earned by Virgin Media up to £48.00/month, up from £46.51/month from 12 months ago. What recession? 

Regardless of top speeds and prices, in the last three months, 30,000 customers signed up for Virgin Media broadband. 

Virgin Media’s total number of broadband subscribers now stands at 4,336,600, representing an increase of 127,100 customers from a year ago. 

In total, Virgin Media lost 7,000 customers in the last three months, an improvement on the total 30,000 churn from last year. 

This still puts Virgin Media in third place in the UK broadband premier league, but in a stronger position than a year ago. 

The latest Ofcom report on superfast broadband placed Virgin at the top of the table for another year running. Gigabit broadband trials have taken place on the cable network. The company is looking into the deployment of DOCSIS 3.1 technology. Network architect Phil Oakley said back in March that 1Gbps services could be launched by Virgin Media as early as 2015. 


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