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Vodafone customers to get six months’ free Netflix subscription

Vodafone 4G customers will be able get a six-month pre-paid subscription to Netflix from July if they don’t want Spotify or Sky Sports. 

The latest Entertainment Pack to arrive on the Vodafone Red 4G tariff gives access to movies and TV box sets including original series like House of Cards, Arrested Development and Orange is the New Black.

From July to December 2014, anyone signing up or upgrading to a Vodafone Red 4G plan can opt for Netflix as an alternative to Sky Sports Mobile or Spotify Premium.

Cindy Rose, consumer director Vodafone UK said: “With 4G, speed is just the start: it’s what you can do with it that’s really exciting.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Netflix so that our Red 4G customers can enjoy their favourite TV programmes and films when out and about.  We’re already offering 4G in hundreds of cities, towns and villages across the UK, providing an amazing video streaming experience.  

“There’s no need to mess about finding a WiFi hotspot, with ultrafast 4G you can just enjoy your favourite entertainment on the move whenever you want it.” 

The Vodafone 4G Red plan includes unlimited broadband for the first three months, starting at £21/month for a 1GB allowance after that, rising to £41/month for a 9GB allowance.

Once your free Entertainment Pack expires, it will be billed at the providers’ standard rates – that’s £6.99/month for Netflix (when its price rise kicks in), £4.99/month for Sky Sports Mobile TV or £9.99/month for Spotify Premium.

Bill Holmes, head of business development at Netflix, said: “Netflix is all about giving people the freedom to watch what they want to watch, when they’d like to watch it, on whatever device. This partnership with Vodafone further enhances that freedom to watch while on the go.”


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