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Vodafone flogs Chromecast for a fiver off with Red 4G contracts

Vodafone has announced it will be selling Google’s Chromecast TV streaming device for £25 to 4G Pay Monthly customers. 

The deal goes hand-in-hand with Vodafone’s 4G freebies, which see new 4G customers able to pick six months of free Netflix, Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile

Opting for Netflix has the added bonus of it being a Chromecast-supported service. While full screen Chromecast mirroring is now available on certain Android phones, it’s not ideal for streaming media. 

Chrome Cash: Vodafone offers 4G punters a sky diver off of Google's telly stick
Chrome Cash: Vodafone offers 4G punters a sky diver off of Google’s telly stick

Vodafone’s consumer director, Cindy Rose said: “With more than one million customers now enjoying the benefits of Vodafone 4G, we’re expecting Chromecast to be a big hit. Giving our customers the best possible experience, wherever they are, is key. 

“So, whether you’re at home or on the move, you’ll now be able to enjoy and share the best online content from your smartphone, tablet and PC on your TV.” 

Chromecast normally goes for £30 and existing non-4G customers will be able to pick one up for the regular price from the 375 Vodafone stores around the UK.

While a 4G service isn’t necessary to get the most out of Chromecast – you connect to Chromecast via WiFi – a £5 discount with the added lure of Netflix might be enough to get tongues wagging. 

Those after a bit more of a saving might be tempted by’s offering. In May, the streaming service announced it would be selling Chromecast for a tenner when bought with selected HBO TV series. 

The cost of a series on Wuaki starts at around £13.99, so if you’re a bargain-hunter, Wuaki’s deal could be better value for money, in comparison to signing up to a 24-month 4G contract on Vodafone, starting at £26/month for a total cost of £312. 

Currently, if you buy a whole season from Wuaki in HD – with prices starting at £23.99 – you can get a Chromecast bunged in for free, which is even more of a bargain.  

On the other hand, if you took Netflix with your Vodafone 4G plan, you’d be saving around £35 on an all-you-can-eat streaming service as opposed to Wuaki, which prices a lot of its content on a per per view basis. 

Yesterday, Tesco announced that its streaming service Blinkbox had joined the Chromecast party, joining BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Revision 3 and others


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