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Vodafone is set to become the largest full fibre broadband provider in Britain

Thanks to a new deal signed with CityFibre, Vodafone will soon become the largest full fibre broadband provider in the country.

The Internet Service Provider Vodafone is set to be the largest full fibre broadband provider in Britain, after signing an extensive deal with the company CityFibre to expand its network.

By Spring 2022, Vodafone targets supplying full fibre services to a total of eight million homes — and Vodafone Pro Broadband customers will receive a free upgrade to full fibre when it reaches their area.

Homes in Bradford, Derby, Glasgow, Leicester, and Paisley are able to buy Vodafone full fibre broadband as of 11 November, while homes in Nottingham, Reading, Slough and Swindon will be eligible from 12 November. In the coming months, the rollout will also extend to homes in Barnsley, Batley, Dewsbury, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Maidenhead, Portsmouth, Sheffield, Solihull, Wolverhampton, and Worthing.

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In order to mark this new deal, Vodafone is offering a half price deal on its full fibre 900Mbps Pro package, now reduced to £30 from the original price of £60. The offer will be available to all homes reached by the CityFibre network, and Vodafone will inform each eligible household of the potential saving.

Max Taylor, Consumer Director at Vodafone UK, said; “Consumers need competition in the broadband space, and we’re committed to delivering that. Our partnership approach allows us to bring full fibre to more homes than any other provider, ensuring families have more choice and more competitive pricing than ever before. We’re set to become Britain’s largest full fibre provider, and we’re making the fastest broadband, with a premium package of features and benefits, even more accessible than ever with this great new offer.”



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