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Vodafone launches Pro Broadband with Alexa, and it can even bring the family together for dinner

Vodafone has announced its new Pro Broadband package, featuring Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, and alongside boosted broadband it also offers some other nifty features.

Vodafone has just unveiled Pro Broadband with Alexa, which includes a Super Wi-Fi Plus booster with Alexa Built-in, hybrid 4G broadband back-up, and dedicated Wi-Fi Xpert support from £38 per month.

It’s claimed that the new hub will provide reliable whole-home coverage, supported by Vodafone’s 4G mobile network if the fixed-line connection goes down, while customers who are unsatisfied with the coverage can leave the contract fee-free.

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The inclusion of Alexa could well prove to be a key feature, as it allows for a great deal of customisation just by uttering a simple sentence. Naturally, you can use the voice-controlled smart assistant for tasks such as listening to music, setting alarms or timers, creating lists, adjusting heating and lighting and checking the weather forecast.

On top of that, Vodafone is especially keen the emphasise Alexa’s new ‘Dinnertime’ skill, where you can pause internet access for thirty minutes so that the family is compelled to put their devices to one side and be sociable for at least thirty minutes over a meal. I think the ensuing discussion in my household would mostly revolve around when we can next use our phones, but hopefully other families will be inspired to debate the ramifications of Kant’s categorical imperative or the various merits of string theory instead.

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As an added extra to the new package, subscribers will receive a 90-day free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited and free Norton antivirus protection for one year (and half-price from then on). There’s another benefit in store for Vodafone Pay Monthly mobile customers, who will be able to make and receive calls on their Super Wi-Fi Plus booster.

If all that’s still not enough, then for an additional £8 per month the Pro Xtra plan adds a 4K Apple TV box, unlimited landline and mobile calls, plus no in-contract price rises, as well as Apple TV+.


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