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Warning: don’t cancel broadband when you axe your fax

Businesses are being warned not to accidentally cancel their broadband connection when they get rid of a fax line to save money.

Warning: don’t cancel broadband when you axe your faxISP boss Adrian Kennard says bean-counters often don’t realise their fax line is also used for a broadband connection – and reconnections are expensive and long-winded.

Kennard, who founded ISP Andrews & Arnold said many businesses are axing fax lines because they don’t need them any more.

He wrote: “People (typically accounts departments) decide to cease a fax line without realising that this is the line on which the broadband is supplied.

“The first anyone hears about it is when the internet stops working. Not nice, expensive, and lack of internet for a day or even a week in some cases.”

Fax machines can be an expensive luxury, with not only line rental costs but the paper and ink wasted by an almost continual stream of junk faxes, if our experience is anything to go on.

BT can charge more than £100 to reinstate a disconnected line, but Kennard’s ‘RevK’s rants’ blog on the subject carries stories of complications running to many hundreds of Pounds.

The reconnection can also involve a delay as BT waits for the ‘broadband cease’ order to close and processes the new broadband order.

He adds that AAISP can provide broadband-only business lines from £10/month alongside its other services.

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