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How to watch Family Guy season 15 on ITV Hub

Fear not BBC Three fans, you’ll be able to watch new episodes of Family Guy without needing a pay TV subscription. 

ITV has announced that episodes of the show’s 15th season will be broadcast on ITV2 and ITV 2 HD later this year and will also be streamed online on the ITV Hub – the new-look, new-name edition of the current ITV Player service. 

How can I get ITV Hub? 

Related: Can 270,000 Family Guy fans Save BBC Three?ITV Hub is due to launch later this year. ITV has so far declined to give a launch date, but we know that it will be arriving on Freeview Play set-top boxes and tellies as well as Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices. 

ITV Hub will also arrive online, replacing the ITV Player and sites, but minimum specifications aren’t yet known. 

Right now, ITV Player requires Adobe Flash Player to be installed and works with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari for Windows and Mac. It’s unclear if ITV Hub will ditch Flash in favour of HTML5. 

Neither Family Guy or ITV Hub have a launch date aside from ‘autumn 2015’. 

Isn’t the BBC still showing some episodes of Family Guy?

Despite the show leaving BBC Three, which is due for the high jump next March, the BBC retains the rights to show episodes from seasons 13 and 14 until 2017, and it’ll show episodes from these seasons on BBC Two and BBC Two HD. 

The BBC won’t make any episodes available to watch on iPlayer, due mainly to rights issues and concerns from the show’s owner Fox, that it won’t be able to stop people watching (and potentially copying) the show. 

Indeed, while a TV licence is legally required for you to watch live iPlayer content, under the current rules, there is nothing to stop you from opting out of the TV licence database and watching BBC content on a catch-up only basis. 


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