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What is Amazon Channels and how does it work?

Amazon Channels has arrived in the UK as a way to watch subscription based TV online, without the contract obligation. Essentially it allows you to watch premium channels all in one place, without costing you an arm, leg or any other body part you’re not likely willing to part with.

Here’s everything you need to know about Amazon Channels, including the best things you can watch, how to get started and how much the new service actually costs.

What is Amazon Channels?

Amazon Channels is a service that lets you watch subscription-based TV channels via a web browser or the Amazon Video app.

You can sign up, on a monthly basis, for channels that include MGM, Discovery, BFI, ITV Hub+ and Eurosport Player – to name just a few. We’ve included a full list of available channels at the end of this article.

This new service allows you to watch the included channels via an internet connection, rather than relying on cable, satellite or aerials to access content. This means you can watch the Amazon Channels content anywhere you want, as long as you have a device that’s connected to the internet via WiFi or your mobile data allowance.

What are the best Amazon Channels rivals?

You can also watch TV online via several other services, such as TVPlayer – now available for the likes of Roku streamers as well as mobile devices, thanks to its popular app. TVPlayer can be used for free, although there’s a cost for more premium channels.

Another rival is Now TV, which is another obligation and contract-free pay-monthly option.

Check out our feature on how to watch live and catchup TV on your telly, computer, phone or tablet for more info.

How can I watch Amazon Channels?

Since the Amazon Channels service works via the Amazon Video app, that means you can watch your chosen content via multiple devices.

You’ve obviously got the Amazon selection of streamers and mobile devices, including the Fire TV, Fire TV Stick and Fire tablets. You can also download the Amazon Video app onto your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet and any other supported streaming devices.

How much does Amazon Channels cost, and do you have to be a Prime member?

The Amazon Channels service is available only to Amazon Prime members, so you’ll need to sign up to take advantage – you can’t watch if you’re not a subscriber. However, additional charges also apply depending on which channels you want to sign up for. Many channels do at least offer free trials, so you can give them a go before you actually spend a penny.

The key here is that you can cancel your monthly Amazon Channels subscription at any time. So there’s no long-term commitment to worry about if you’re intrigued.

To be a Prime member you’ll need to pay the annual £80 subscription. Then this new service will cost you between £1.49 and £9.99 extra per month, depending on the channels you go for.

Amazon offers lots of other great services, including Prime Video and the shiny new Prime Reading, for Prime members. It’s really well worth getting these days, even if you only occasionally order from the website.

What can I watch on Amazon Channels?

Right now there are quite a few UK channels available to stream and watch. In fact, we count 40 at the time of publishing, in spite of Channels only hitting Blighty shores very recently. Expect the list to grow massively in the near future, too.

Amazon Channels will be streaming live sports events like the French Open tennis tournament, ten live NFL football games and plenty more.

Here‘s the full list of 40 channels available at launch:

• Panna – £1.49 a month

• Pinoy Box Office – £1.99 a month

• Tastemade Plus – £1.99 a month

• Planet Knowledge – £2.29 a month

• Ketchup TV – £2.29 a month

• Pongalo Next – £2.99 a month

• Viewster Anime – £2.99 a month

• Motorvision – £2.99 a month

• UP Family – £3.49 a month

• Fandor –£3.49 a month

• Filmbox –£3.99 a month

• Full Moon Features – £3.99 a month

• Horse & Country Play – £3.99 a month

• ITV Hub+ –£3.99 a month

• hayu (NBC Universal) – £3.99 a month

• Heera –£3.99 a month

• Hopster – £3.99 a month

• Nautical Channel – £3.99 a month

• Rooster Teeth – £3.99 a month

• Studio Universal Classics – £3.99 a month

• Love Nature – £3.99 a month

• Alchemiya –£3.99 a month

• MGM – £4.49 a month

• Arrow Video –£4.99 a month

• BFI Player+ – £4.99 a month

• Comic Con HQ –£4.99 a month

• Discovery –£4.99 a month

• Nordic Noir and Beyond – £4.99 a month

• Realeyz – £4.99 a month

• Shudder – £4.99 a month

• The Great Courses Signature Collection – £5.49 a month

• Curiosity Stream –£5.49 a month

• BeFit UK – £5.99 a month

• Acacia TV –£5.99 a month

• MUBI – £5.99 a month

• Qello Concerts – £5.99 a month

• Yoga Anytime Channel – £6.99 a month

• Eurosport Player – £6.99 a month

• Gaia – £7.99 a month

• Sweatflix – £9.49 a month

• Daily Burn –£9.99 a month


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