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What is Amazon Prime Reading? Free books, magazines, comics and more

Amazon Prime Reading is yet another incentive for us all to sign up for Amazon’s premium subscription service, serving up free reading materials from books to magazines and comics.

The current Amazon Prime membership, at £79 for the entire year, is becoming better value all of the time. Right now that fee includes free next day – or even same day – delivery on lots of shopping items. Beyond you’re also granted access to Prime Video, which boasts plenty of great exclusive shows like American Gods. On top of that you also have Amazon Prime Music, to rock out to millions of on-demand songs.

Now us book worms, as well as fans of comics and mags, have an even greater incentive to join up thanks to Amazon Prime Reading. This latest incentive delivers all-you-can-read entertainment with a generous selection of titles, magazines and the rest, covering a wide range of popular genres.

So what exactly does Amazon Prime Reading offer and is this new venture enough to push you to subscribe to Amazon Prime, if you’re sat on the fence?

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What is Amazon Prime Reading?

Amazon Prime Reading is an offering of free materials to be enjoyed by Prime members. That includes books, magazines, comics and short stories, as well as Kindle First and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library titles. You can access this catalogue via your Kindle, or the Kindle app for phones, tablets and computers.

When reading, users will be able to take advantage of Amazon Kindle features like X-Ray Page Flip and Popular Highlights. So like any eBooks you buy, you can check out details on the title, perform in-book searches and so on. You’ll also have access to customer reviews, so you don’t end up reading any stinkers by accident.

What can I read on Amazon Prime Reading?

Over 1,000 books are available to read on that rotating basis to start with. This includes (at the time of publishing) The Bourne Enigma, Choose Yourself, The Angels of Lovely Lane, Stranger Child and many more.

A compelling selection of magazines is also available, with the actual titles and issues switching up as they are released. Right now these include Glamour, The Week, Chat, Yours, Red, BBC Gardeners’ World, Psychologies and Stuff. So a little bit of something for everyone.

Kindle Singles and Singles Classics are short stories that Prime members will also enjoy for free, if that’s your bag. These include short stories, memoirs and essays from top writers.

In other words, there’s a massive choice of great stuff to get stuck into. Even better, the reading materials on Prime Reading are rotated regularly, so you won’t blast through the entire library and then be stuck for stuff to read. That’s a great incentive to keep your Prime subscription up-to-date.

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How do I use Amazon Prime Reading?

It’s all very simple. If you’re on Prime, you can access Prime Reading via your Kindle eReader. Don’t have a Kindle? No worries, just download the Kindle app onto one of your mobile devices or computers instead. That Kindle app can be downloaded onto your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) or Android phone or tablet via the app stores. Amazon’s Fire tablets of course come with the Kindle app pre-installed too.

If you’re not sure if Prime Reading is worth your time and cash, you can always check out Amazon’s 30-day free trial. This includes all of the Prime benefits, which can be accessed without limits for those 30 days. After the trial period is up, you’ll be charged the £79 fee if you wish to continue with Prime.

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