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What is BT Sport Lite? Get Premier League football for free

BT Sport Lite is a free, stripped down BT Sport package that gives you access Premier League and SPFL football plus Aviva Premiership rugby for free. 

You can get BT Sport Lite with any BT Broadband package, meaning you’re free to watch everything you’d normally get on the BT Sport 1 channel online or on your phone or tablet through the BT Sport iOS and Android apps. 

As the BT Sport apps will also work with Chromecast, this means you can effectively get the main BT Sport channel on your TV for as little as £4.50/month plus line rental. 

How can I get BT Sport Lite?

When you’re signing up for BT broadband services, whether that’s an entry-level ADSL deal or an up to 76Mbps FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) product, you’ll have the chance to add the BT Sport Pack as standard. 

On the BT products and services page, when you find the broadband package you want, you’ll normally end up on this page after clicking ‘select & personalise’.

Scroll down to the bottom and check the last box, marked ‘No Thanks’. 

What is BT Sport Lite? Get Premier League football for free

When you click through, you’ll see that you’ve got BT Sport Lite in your basket. 

As well as being able to watch BT Sport 1 online and through the mobile apps, there’s also an option to get BT Sport 1 on its own on your Sky TV box, if you want to. 

This is free for the first month, then £4/month after that. This is the regular standard definition BT Sport 1 channel, with no option to upgrade to HD. 

What is BT Sport Lite? Get Premier League football for free

What can I watch with BT Sport Lite?

BT Sport Lite is basically BT Sport 1 in standard definition only. This means you get 38 live and exclusive Premier League football matches, 69 Premiership rugby games, plus international friendlies, SPFL, WSL, Bundesliga, Brasileiro and Emirates Cup matches. 

Can I get any UEFA Champions League games with BT Sport Lite?

If you’ve got a Freeview, YouView or EE TV set-top box or TV set, you’ll be able to pick up BT Sport Showcase, a free channel that will provide coverage of every UEFA Champions League game featuring an English or Scottish team. 

The new BT Sport Europe channel, which gives you every Champions League game is a pay TV-exclusive. 

How much does BT Sport cost normally?

Full price details for BT Sport are thin on the ground right now. We know that price changes are in the pipeline for Sky, Virgin and BT TV customers and we have some of the details here. We will update this page as prices for each TV platform is announced. 


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