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What is the Logitech POP Smart Button and how does it work with Apple HomeKit?

The new Logitech POP Smart Button works nicely with Apple HomeKit, to provide a simple and effective way of controlling your smart home appliances.

What if your entire home could be controlled with just a single button? Well, the new Logitech POP Smart Button is just that kind of gizmo, allowing you to turn the lights a set colour, have the blinds shut on demand and get your music pumping, all at a button press. It’s a great way to access all of your smart home features, from one place.

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The Logitech POP Smart Button will come working with Apple’s HomeKit right out of the box. The switch can be wall mounted just like a real light switch, but programmed to do whatever you need. Great news if you’re sick of constantly digging your phone out of your pocket to control your Nest heating or Philips Hue smart bulbs.

So what exactly can you do with the new Logitech POP Smart Button, how compatible is it with other smart devices and what will it cost to get setup in terms of both time and money? Here’s all you need to know.

What is the Logitech POP Smart Button?

The basic setup for this wonder gear comes in a package called the Logitech POP Smart Button Kit. This include two Smart Buttons and a bridge that connects them to your Wi-Fi at home. This is a simple plug and play process, especially if you’re using Apple’s HomeKit as the buttons are already pre-paired – they will connect automatically when you set them up. That said, the POP button does work without HomeKit thanks to a dedicated Logitech app.

Place a button on a desk, or mount it to the wall, and you can press it at any time to carry out smart home gadget commands.

How does the Logitech POP Smart Button work?

Each button boasts three programmable controls, which can be used to perform three separate actions at any time. You can do a short press, a double press or a long press to access each pre-set feature.

For example, a short press could turn on a Philips Hue light with a certain colour, a double press could fire up your Sonos speaker and a long press could close your Lutron smart blinds. You get to choose each end result, through the wonders of IFTTT.

The fun doesn’t stop there, though. You can combine tasks for each separate button press, to make the POP Smart Button do even more.

For example, get home from work and one short press could set the lights on and to a certain colour and brightness level, as well as starting your speaker playing and shutting the blinds. One long press could knock the lights and music off again, ready for bed. The next morning, try a double press to open the blinds and get your coffee brewing. Anything is possible, with the only limits being the compatible smart home products you own.

Since you get two switches with the kit, the possible combinations are massive. All of this is easily controlled and set up from within the app, or via Apple HomeKit.

What smarthome devices does the Logitech POP Smart Button work with?

At launch, Logitech’s Smart Buttons already work with a range of smart home devices and the Apple HomeKit interface. That means Apple HomeKit compatible devices can be controlled using the Smart Button.

Thanks to a dedicated Logitech POP Smart Button app, you can also control non-HomeKit devices. Some smart gadgets that you can command at launch include Philips Hue, Sonos wireless music systems, Logitech Harmony, Osram lighting, Hunter Douglas and Lutron blinds, August Home and more.

Expect even more smart devices to be added to the POP Smart Button control compatibility list in the near future, as the ever-growing Apple HomeKit includes even more devices.

Can I get extra Logitech POP Smart Buttons?

The great part about the Smart Buttons is that there are optional extra POP Add-on Smart Buttons you can buy too. That should mean you’re able to kit out the whole home for simple button based controls.

The bridge included in the Logitech POP Smart Button Kit is able to connect to an unlimited number of Smart Buttons so you only need the one when adding extra Add-on Smart Buttons.

What is the Logitech POP Start Button price?

The Logitech POP Smart Button Kit is priced at £120 and includes the Wi-Fi bridge plus two Smart Buttons. They will come in four colours: White, Alloy, Coral and Teal.

If you want an extra button, you can always get the POP Add-on Smart Button for £35 and add as many as you need.

When and where can I buy the Logitech POP Smart Button?

The Logitech POP Smart Button Kit and POP Add-on Smart Buttons will be available to buy from Apple Stores and from June 13 here in the UK.


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