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What is the Nest Cam IQ and what’s new compared with the old Nest Cam?

Nest has just released a shiny new home security camera called the Nest Cam IQ, which is packed with smart security tech to keep your house and possessions safe.

But there’s already a Nest Cam security camera, we hear you cry. True, but this new 2017 model is seriously higher specced, with premium features galore. From 4K image sensor quality to people recognition smarts, the IQ is an ideal cam for anyone looking to safeguard their household.

So what’s so great about this Nest Cam IQ and is it worth investing in over dedicated security systems or other smart home cameras?

What is the Nest Cam IQ?

The Nest Cam IQ is the next generation of smart Wi-Fi connected home security cameras. This connects to your home network and works with a smartphone app that allows you to view your home from anywhere in the world.

The Nest IQ Cam now features smart recognition software that allows it to spot the difference between humans and pets, as well as recognising specific individuals. That all means it can spot an intruder and alert you only when needed, rather than going off every time the cat wanders past.

How does the Nest Cam IQ recognise intruders?

The new Nest Cam IQ offers remote alerts thanks to that smart recognition software mentioned above. Firstly the camera can identify if there is actually a person in its field of view, as opposed to a pet or just a shadow, since it’s smarter than the simple movement sensors that some home security cameras use.

Secondly, the camera will offer either a full 130-degree view of the room or an auto-enhanced image of the person’s face. So if there is an intruder in the place, you’ll have a record of exactly what they look like – presuming they’re not wearing a mask, of course.

Thirdly, these alerts can be used for people it recognises too. So if you want a certain family member to trigger an alert – like a child getting home late – you can set that up too. Although this feature only works if you shell out for Nest’s cloud based storage subscription.

This also works with audio, alerting you if a person is talking or a dog is barking for example. A great idea, as a dog barking usually either means there’s someone unwanted near the house or the dog is needlessly annoying the neighbours. Either way, it’s worth you knowing.

How good is the camera hardware in the Nest Cam IQ?

This model has been massively upgraded over the original Nest Cam line when it comes to the standard specs also. Now you get a 4K image sensor, thanks to the upgraded 8-megapixel lens. This is capable of digital zoom up to twelve times and also captures images in HDR.

Plus there are now two infrared LEDs in the updated Nest Cam IQ, which helps to provide a solid night vision capture.

Everything the security camera captures is also encrypted with 128-bit AES with TLS/SSL security, meaning you won’t have to worry about anyone watching what’s going on in your home other than you.

The Nest Cam IQ features a white polycarbonate design with swivel mount, for easy setup and angling.

How good are the speakers and microphones in the Nest Cam IQ?

You probably guessed it, the speakers and microphones have also been upgraded in the Nest Cam IQ. Now you get a hefty seven times more power from the speakers, so remotely shouting at an intruder, or even a naughty pet, will be all the more effective from your phone.

There is also a three microphone array in the unit. This means the Nest Cam IQ can offer noise suppression smarts, which is capable of cancelling echo. Ultimately that should all result in far clearer audio capture of what’s happening in your home.

What is the Nest Cam IQ UK price and release date?

The Nest IQ Cam will be available for UK pre-orders by June 13, for £299. The camera is expected to be released by the end of June.

This updated 2017 Nest camera is already available for pre-order in the US for $299, where you can also pre-order a dual pack for $498.


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