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What is PlayLink for PS4, how does it work and how do I get started?

Sony’s PlayLink service for Playstation gamers offers a new way to get multiplayer action on the go, using your phone or tablet. Here’s our full guide to PS4 PlayLink, including the UK release info and how to get started.

Multiplayer gaming on the PS4 is great fun, although can be tricky if you have a large group of people and only a couple of controllers. To prevent lots of partygoers sitting around waiting for their turn – and to make gaming more interactive and fun – Sony has come up with the PlayLink service for PlayStation.

With a PS4 and TV at the centre as usual, a group can get gaming all at once by interacting with their phones.

The idea is to create fun multiplayer games, specifically crafted for PlayLink, that feel more like proper interactive party games. Thanks to smartphones and their various features, you can take selfies, swipe and poke and plenty more to make the games more interactive.

So how does PlayLink for PS4 work, what do you need to get involved and what games are coming to try soon? Read on to find out everything you need to know.

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What is PlayLink for PS4?

PlayLink is a new platform that works via a smartphone app and a PS4 console. By downloading the app on phones or tablets, anyone can get involved and interact with the games being displayed on the main screen via the PS4.

At first this seems like a natural evolution of the PS Remote Play feature that Sony already offers for smartphones, which allows you to stream a PS4 game direct to your Xperia handset using your WiFi network. However, you’re not actually streaming the game to those mobile devices. Rather, your phones and tablets act as a control device for input, while the TV remains the focus point.

How does PlayLink for PS4 work?

Thanks to the built-in cameras, touchscreens and various motion sensors in phones, interactions can vary massively, from snapping selfies for character profiles, tilting phones to control characters on screen, singing into the device as if it were a mic, and plenty more.

Essentially this new PlayLink platform allows you to have multiple controllers at no extra cost, which are more smart and versatile than console controllers. The result should be lots of fun games that you can play in large groups to keep everyone involved and entertained.

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What games are available on PlayLink?

Just a few PlayLink titles were announced at launch.

The first, due out on July 4, is called That’s You!. This game is a comedy quiz that lets you answer questions about each other, for embarrassing laughs a-plenty – or perhaps just straight-up awkward moments. Snap photos on the phones, use touch screens to make selections and interact with up to five players at once.

The other games, which don’t have release dates announced at the time of publishing, are Hidden Agenda, Knowledge is Power, Frantics and SingStar Celebration.

Hidden Agenda is a story driven title that lets up to four players control detectives investigating a crime. That means moving phones to control torch light and making life-or-death choices, to decide how the story will play out.

Frantics is like a classic arcade style multi-game, with modern graphics and plenty of character-controlling fun. Tilt phones to race your character against the others in the room, with some funky creatures to keep you entertained. This one tops out at four players at a time.

SingStar Celebrations is like playing the classic SingStar game, but without having to shell out for a bunch of microphones so everyone can get involved – just warble into your phone. SingStar already allows players to use their phones to belt out a tune, of course, so this is an unsurprising entry.

Knowledge is Power is a trivia-based quiz game for as many as five players, which is all about speed and accuracy. Tap the correct answer to each question as fast as possible, to be crowned the quiz champion.

When is PlayLink launching in the UK and how much does it cost?

PlayLink will be available in the UK from the release of its first game, That’s You!, which is out on July 4.

While the app and games are free to download and play, you’ll need to be a paying PlayStation Plus member with a PS4 to use them. Of course, you could just try the games out during a free trial membership if you’re not a member, to see what you think.

PlayStation Plus is £3.33 per month here in the UK and when you consider that includes two decent free games each month, that’s really not much to ask.


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