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What is Smart Energy? Save on bills, control heating and hot water from your phone

What is Smart Energy?

Latest news stories about Smart EnergySmart energy refers to any kind of new technology which lets you remotely control, manage or view the energy use in your home. 

Every smart energy product out there varies slightly in terms of how they operate. Some will let you keep an eye on appliances currently in use and turn them on, on standby or completely off. Some will let you see how much energy your house is using every month.

Some will let you set timers for the heaters in individual rooms and program the hot water to come on before you arrive back home from work, school or university. 

What is Smart Energy? Save on bills, control heating and hot water from your phone
Valta, a Canada-based start up, plans to bring its smart energy wares to the UK

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Depending on the service you’ve got set up in the home some will even track how much energy you’re using in total and encourage you to save money by setting yourself targets.

As with online banking you’ll be able to do this from your desktop, but as more services launch it’ll become increasingly common that you’ll be able to manage things on the go from your phone and tablet as well. 

Being able to control the heating from your phone is perhaps the most convenient option as it gives you the freedom to access your smart energy system wherever you can get a cellular or WiFi connection. 

However advanced or fine tuned a smart energy system is, the one thing they all have in common is that they’ll help you save money.

The ability to turn off lights, turn of TV sets, mobile phone chargers or simply keep an eye on your monthly energy outgoings all help to better manage your budget.

There’s plenty of advancement and involvement in the Smart Energy sector which is why we cover Smart Energy stories, gadgets and apps separately to Smart Home devices. 

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