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What is Wireless Extreme gigabit internet and why is it going to change the world?

For years we’ve had smartphones and laptops that are so fast no internet connection could keep up – until now. We’re about to enter the age of Wireless Extreme gigabit internet connectivity.

Wireless Extreme gigabit internet - Angie Communications

Dramatic punctuation aside, this is exciting. Not only will this mean faster services like cloud-based Google Docs or Dropbox, but faster video sharing across social media and even higher quality instant movie streaming. This new gigabit connection is so fast you could download a Full HD movie in just seven seconds. But it goes on.

Wireless gigabit also means better-connected cities, the kind that we only now see in sci-fi movies.
So what is this new wonder of connectivity, how does it work and how is it going to change our lives?

Wireless Extreme gigabit: How fast it is?

To clarify this we first need to quantify the mighty gigabit. This is a measure of data transfer rate, not to be mistaken for gigabyte, the measure of storage. The transfer rate of gigabit internet is – deep breath – 1,000,000,000 bits per second. Fast then.

That essentially means you can download an entire HD movie in seven seconds, or punt out a video to your mates via WhatsApp practically instantly. A 34 gigabyte download of Mortal Kombat X, for example, takes just six minutes. Essentially it’ll mean most phones and laptops right now will struggle to keep up with the internet speeds available to them.

Wireless Extreme gigabit: How will it work?

The first city in the world to receive the full wireless gigabit treatment will be Slough in England. This will be installed by Angie Communications who is the company behind the Wireless Extreme brand, as it calls it.
In this case the system will deliver multi-terabit fibre internet underground to businesses and homes where the last hundred feet will be transmitted wirelessly. This means hotspots will be created around the city for access everywhere.

As a result the city as well as its residents will benefit. This huge infrastructure will allow services to be networked into the web. So residents will be able to see traffic information, major works detailed and live public transport timings all in real-time.

Angie Communications multi-terabit fibre

For the sick and elderly this system means the possibility of safe real-time home monitoring of their health. For parents it could mean keeping track of their children all day wherever they are. For public road services it means constantly monitored traffic, accidents and jams, so that they can be better dealt with and avoided in future. For everyone else it means super high quality Netflix streaming and online gaming anywhere they go in the city.

Since the Wireless Extreme subscription means there are no data limits you don’t need to worry about how much you download or upload. This should help to start removing the barrier between local and cloud-based storage. If it’s just as fast to store and access in the cloud, then why not store everything there where space isn’t an issue?

Wireless Extreme gigabit: How can I get it?

If you want to get in on the wireless gigabit connection action you’ll first of all need to move to Slough. But that’s the hard part out of the way. Angie Communications is going to offer the service for £30 per month. When you take into consideration this doubles as your home broadband, and saves you on data when around the city, that’s not bad at all.

The service should start working by September and be rolled out across Slough by November. That means it’ll be fully functional by January 2017 so if you’re interested you can get involved in leading the future soon.



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