All Sections come out of beta in UK with hybrid streaming service

New TV streaming provider has come out of beta in the UK with the launch of a ‘hybrid’ streaming service.

The firm is backed by parent company Ratuken, which also owns The main offer is that you can either rent/buy content or stream it instead.

Most of the other players in the UK market tend to offer either a all-you-can-eat subscription service, such as Netflix, or a rent and buy model, such as Blinkbox. is looking to offer customers both models. The hybrid streaming model means that users have a choice between a la carte rental or purchase of the latest movies and TV series, or a monthly subscription to the Wuaki Selection service, offering unlimited streaming of an extensive selection of movie and TV content, all from a single service.

Wuaki said that its Selection service provides access to a hand-picked catalogue of blockbuster movies and TV shows that is regularly refreshed each week.

“Our unique hybrid model is what really sets us apart, along with the quality of the content we program every week in the Wuaki “Selection” said Jacinto Roca, founder and chief executive of

“For us, quality if vitally important. We started with a clear objective to bring quality content to all households in an easy and affordable way. We really want to be a game changer for this industry, and try to reinvent the rules to better accommodate what customers really want from an on-line video service.”

A Wuaki Selection subscription is priced at £4.99/month as a launch promotion, providing unlimited access to the company’s selection of movies and TV series. New users can trial the Wuaki Selection service for free for the first month.


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