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Xbox 360 SmartGlass SDK released, Smart TV second screens coming in autumn

Microsoft released the SmartGlass SDK over the weekend, meaning that partners so development on apps for the Xbox 360-cum-Smart TV platform can begin.

Major partners including AOL, Universal and Picturebox were announced as being on board for SmartGlass development at E3 earlier this month. Released late last week, this puts the ETA for SmartGlass services to start appearing around autumn time.

SmartGlass was one of the surprise turns at E3 where everyone and their dog was very much expecting to see some Xbox 720 action.

Xbox 360 SmartGlass SDK released, Microsoft's Smart TV vs Wii U GamePad

Microsoft’s new app dashboard will bring Smart TV functions and features to your Xbox 360, which can be controlled by your phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

For example, you could start streaming the latest episode of a TV show on your iPad and then finish watching the action on your TV via your Xbox once you get home, stream music across devices a la Spotify and actually get a handle on where all the characters from Game of Thrones are.

Xbox 360 SmartGlass vs Wii U GamePad

Also, rather smartly, Microsoft’s SmartGlass has, if not shot across the bows of the Wii U’s GamePad has at least set up shop on the other side of the street.

The gaming possibilities of SmartGlass haven’t really been greatly detailed – it’s really more of a Smart TV thing for now – but you can bet it’s giving the senior bods at Nintendo some food for thought.

Microsoft will be bringing SmartGlass apps to iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices, (probably) meaning no extra purchase necessary for second screen Xbox action; if you’re excited about SmartGlass chances are you’ve got an iOS, Android or Windows Phone in your pocket.

Whatever Microsoft’s additional plans besides for its second screen platform, we really hope that the Xbox 360 YouTube app, which has the most annoying text entry method EVER, gets an upgrade too.


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