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Xbox One X Unboxing: What’s in the box?

We unbox Microsoft’s mighty new Xbox One X console, boasting 4K HDR gaming and some powerful PC-like specs, to show off that sleek design work and reveal what’s inside the box.

The Xbox One X is Microsoft’s super-powered follow-up to the current One S console. Revealed back in June at E3 2017, the One X offers a significant increase in processing and graphical clout. While the One S is only capable of streaming 4K video, for instance, the One X can play the latest games in glorious Ultra HD resolution.

Meanwhile the console’s support for HDR10 means you can expect realistic colours and strong contrast levels, to really bring your movies and gaming sessions to life.

Microsoft has sent us a review sample of the One X, ahead of the official UK retail launch. We’ve shot a full unboxing so you can see what you’ll get in that box, when you peel your open in a couple of weeks.

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Xbox One X unboxing video

The One X sports a very sleek and minimalist design, as you’ll see when you pull Microsoft’s new console out of the box and peel off the protective wrapper. Make sure you steel yourself as it’s a hefty sucker, although thankfully not too chunky.

Packed inside the box you’ll also find an HDMI cable, optical out lead, controller with batteries and some other essential bits – including some free trials of Microsoft’s online services.

Check out our full unboxing below to hear about the One X’s specs and check out what you get bundled.

Xbox One X UK price and release date

The Xbox One X will hit stores here in the UK on November 7. You can pre-order now from all of the usual retailers, and the console costs £449 as standard.

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