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YouTube to launch new 60 channels in the UK, US, Germany and France

We knew that YouTube had plans to throw cash at UK indie developers to launch new and original content.

But the Wall Street Journal now reveals that 60 original ‘channels’ covering comedy and sports are headed our way. Robert Kyncl vice president of TV and entertainment at Google told All Things D that that he’s ready to shift into ‘third gear’ in the UK, Germany and France, meaning we should expect to see shows on YouTube soon.

Kyncl estimates that shows will creep up after a word of mouth and will achieve “velocity” after “a couple of years,” so don’t expect a brace of new channels to appear next week.

YouTube to launch 60 channels in the UK

It’s understood that All3Media, Hat Trick and Zodiak Media are among the UK-based companies interested in working with YouTube. However YouTube’s investment in Machinima shows that its keen to work with producers outside of the TV industry. YouTube’s director of TV Ben McOwen-Wilson has said “the door remains open” to anyone.

Local TV licence winner Latest TV has until recently been showcasing content on YouTube – perhaps we’ll see Local TV simulcasts (for those not living in the broadcast region) alongside more web and meme-based shows and channels. YouTube is keen to invest in partners who will eventually ‘self-fund’ off the back of YouTube views, so expect to see things rise and fall as YouTube works out what’s popular.


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