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Hitman 3 player takes out every single NPC on the level with this crushing blow

It can be a nightmare trying to assassinate just one high-profile target on Hitman 3, but this persistent player took out every one with the press of a button.

Agent 47 usually prefers a stealthy, subtle approach to neutralising his targets, ensuring that nobody has the faintest idea of a mortal threat until it is much too late. But where’s the fun in that? 

YouTuber Teallen96 instead decided to round up every single NPC in the whole location of Mendoza in “The Farewell” mission, drag them into an industrial-sized grape presser, and hit the magic button. So now we know where Hannibal Lecter sourced that famous chianti…

The video stutters slightly as the PC feels the strain, but we still see the satisfying sight of a massive press coming down to pulp dozens of poor unsuspecting winery workers at once. The whole process took ten hours and XP pop-ups apparently continued for two minutes after the event, but the guilt will surely linger on even longer.

So, for a twist on the old joke: What did the people say when they were crushed in the grape press? Nothing, they just let out a little wine.

Thank you very much folks, I’m here all week.

Our sister site, Trusted Reviews, awarded the game a 4-star rating in its review, praising the engaging story, tried-and-tested gameplay, and inventive level design. Jade King wrote: “It’s an enthralling stealth adventure that offers an unparalleled amount of variety. The tone is a splendid mix of overly serious spy melodrama and laughable slapstick that explodes into an orchestra of comedic brilliance the moment a mission goes wrong. Even after countless playthroughs, the majority of its locations are still packed with secrets worth uncovering, and I welcomed each new discovery with open arms.”

Hitman 3 is available to play on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS4, and PS5.



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