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5 things we want to see from the Apple Watch Series 6

With an Apple event scheduled for September 15, we could be getting our first look at the Apple Watch 6 very soon. Ahead of the event, we’ve gone ahead and compiled our wishlist for what we want out of Apple’s next wearable.

Even though there’s still a wait until we can get our hands on the real thing, it doesn’t mean we haven’t spent a great deal of time thinking about what we’d like the Apple Watch 6 to be. After all, 2020 has been a crucial year for the wearables market, and other brands have stepped up to improve and adapt their hardware.

With that in mind, here’s Recombu’s wishlist for the Apple Watch 6 features we’d like to see.

1. Multi-day battery

This one’s an absolute no brainer. Battery life has always been a sticking point for the Apple Watch, but the inclusion of sleep tracking in WatchOS 7 made this more problematic than ever. While the likes of Garmin and Fitbit can get away with having robust sleep tracking features, users need to be considerate with their current Apple Watch in order to make it last until the next morning.

Giving the Apple Watch 6 a multi-day battery life would be a significant help in not only getting the sleep tracking to work properly, but also in developing more detailed data about the user’s health.

2. A cheaper version of the Apple Watch 6

Okay, this is a bit of a long shot but bear with me. At a time when mid-range phones are becoming more popular, the release of the updated iPhone SE made a ton of sense, and the phone has become a huge critical success for Apple. With the Apple Watch still being one of the more expensive wearables on the market, it’s completely fair for consumers to think twice about purchasing, especially when you can get a competent fitness track for nearly a fifth of the price.

With Fitbit’s 2020 line-up, the company’s made sure that there are still plenty of budget options available, even though Fitbit’s introducing the premium-level Fitbit Sense. If Apple wants to compete in this new future, an Apple Watch 6 SE seems like the best bet to give users the core Apple Watch experience but at a reduced rate. I can imagine that a fair few iPhone SE adopters would love a similarly affordable wearable to go with their new smartphone.

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3. Better wellbeing tracking

If the importance of good mental health wasn’t obvious before, the wall-to-wall chaos of 2020 has certainly solidified the idea. Fitbit has tweaked its strategy going forward, moving beyond fitness and into the realm of health and wellbeing tracking. It makes a lot of sense, and the Apple Watch 6 would do well to follow suit.

Take it from someone who has done a complete 180 on the need for daily meditation – mental fitness is just as important, and you’ll often see the benefit with better focus during your regular workout routine. Of course, Fitbit’s got a slight leg-up from Apple with its premium service offering meditation sessions and tailor-made advice, but it would be encouraging to see Apple move in a similar direction.

4. Qi charging

To be fair, wireless charging isn’t exactly a new feature to the Apple Watch series, but as of yet Apple’s wearable still doesn’t support the more widely adopted Qi wireless charging system.

Wireless charging is only growing in popularity, but it seems daft to have a separate system anytime you want to give your Apple Watch some juice. It’s anti-consumer and an unnecessary headache that can easily be fixed.

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5. More colours

When picking up a new Apple Watch, there’s an abundance of watch straps available to accessorise the way you please, but there’s only a handful of different colours available for the device itself.

Given that smartwatches are far more of a fashion accessory than any other type of electronic device, it’d be great to see Apple afford its wearables with the same varied palette as its smartphones. The Apple Watch and the iPhone are made for each other, but wouldn’t it be even better to see a matching colour set? Come on Apple, let’s make this happen.


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