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6 features we want to see from the PS5

With the official release date of the PS5 expected to drop any day now, we’ve pooled together the top features that we hope to see on Sony’s next-gen console, and given you the chance to vote on which features matter most to you.

After the reveal of the Xbox Series S and the huge amount of information that came with it, the ball is now firmly in Sony’s court. The tech giant’s been incredibly calculated thus far about the amount of PS5 info it’s unveiled, but with leakers forcing Microsoft’s hand ahead of schedule, there’s no denying that Sony will also need to change its plans to reconnect with the gaming community.

Now that we largely know that to expect from Microsoft’s next consoles, it’s a lot easier to pinpoint exactly what the PS5 needs to have in order to beat back the competition. After much deliberation, we’ve narrowed our PS5 wishlist down to just six key features. If you don’t agree with the ordering, feel free to hit that vote button to let your opinion be heard.



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