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A brand new title for Game Boy Advance is on its way, thanks to a popular Kickstarter campaign

A new game will be released for the retro portable console, following a successful crowd-funded campaign to make it a reality.

The Game Boy Advance came out twenty years ago, but its advanced age has done nothing to discourage its fans’ enthusiasm for the classic portable console from Nintendo, as evidenced by the release of an all-new game for the platform.

Goodboy Galaxy tells the story of a dog called Maxwell (the titular “good boy”) who leaves his home world in search of a solution to its incoming ecological collapse, but soon finds himself stranded on unfamiliar worlds as he desperately tries to complete his quest.

Whether or not he achieves his objective is something you’ll only find out by playing the game, but it’s fair to say that the project itself has been greatly successful at achieving a similarly unlikely goal. With an initial target of fundraising £18,000, the game has already attracted over £90,000 of investment on Kickstarter thanks to more than 1,800 individual supporters.

While there’s one chapter of the game that will be exclusive to Game Boy Advance, the game will also be available to buy on PC and Nintendo Switch upon its release, which is slated for 2023.

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Goodboy Galaxy isn’t the only new title that’s coming to an old games system. We’ve previously reported on The ShapeShifter, which will arrive on the original Game Boy that dates back from the late 1980s. The soon-to-arrive Playdate console also hearkens back to a retro era of gaming (albeit with the added convenience of a Wi-Fi connection), so evidently there’s an appetite to head back into history when it comes to our video game habits.


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