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A new version of Home Alone is on the way, and the lame trailer is more painful than any of Kevin’s traps

Another movie is being made in the mould of the classic festive film, but fans of the series fear that it might be a real Christmas turkey.

A stocking stuffed with presents, a turkey on the table, and rewatching Home Alone; there can hardly be activities more synonymous with the festive season than these. So it’s no wonder that fans would react sensitively to any sequel, reboot, or remake of the classic movie that might tamper with those precious childhood memories. Especially if it looks anything like the tinsel-tressed atrocity hinted at by the trailer below…

The first experience upon watching gives you the strange sensation of watching the first film if it had been reconstructed by someone who only half-remembers it. There are so many all-too familiar elements, from intra-family fighting to terrifying traps, and there’s even a familiar face too in the form of Kevin’s brother Buzz from the original movie, now all grown up… and yet something just doesn’t feel quite right.

For those of us who grew up with the first couple of films with cheeky Macaulay Culkin in the lead, somehow it feels like there’s no trace of the magic in this sequel.

Just one of the many reasons for that could be the bewilderingly British accents of the cast, especially coming from proud Irishwoman Aisling Bea, who issued a quick comedic clarification on social media: 

It also seems like a real missed opportunity not to have included Macaulay Culkin in the movie, seeing as he continues to be so synonymous with the series even now, over thirty years since the first installment:

Deep down though, perhaps we know the real reason for our discomfort is to see the things we cherished become faded and getting replaced as we continue to age.

There’s nothing particularly sacred about the Home Alone movies, of which there are apparently already six (!) in total, and if children would otherwise feel lost watching a movie where video games and mobile phones are mostly absent, why not freshen up the films for a new generation of youngsters? Is that really a Christmas crime comparable with forgetting to order the turkey, or are you just being a cinematic Scrooge?

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