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Anker power banks compared: Which is the best one for you?

If you need some extra power on the go then why not try a power pack from Anker, the worlds leading supplier of portable chargers?

We recommend Anker power banks all the time; but which should you buy? You need to think about whether you need an external battery that will fit in your pocket, whether ultra-fast charging is necessary for you, and the capacity you’ll need — particularly if you want to recharge a laptop or high-capacity tablet rather than a phone. We’ll cover all bases in this list of the best Anker power banks.

Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 PD

The PowerCore Slim 10000 PD is the Anker power bank we end up recommending to friends most often. It’s affordable, the 10000mAh capacity is solid, and it supports Power Delivery, providing up to 20W power for phones that support this now common charging standard (including all iPhones from recent years.) Its dimensions and weight are similar to those of a phone too, so you can carry it around in a pocket, no problem. A non “PD” version is also available if you’re happy with slower charging for most devices.


  • Good value, solid portability
  • Supports fast charging over USB-PD with iPhones 
  • Solid 100000mAh capacity is perfect for days of phone use away from charger


  • Doesn’t offer ultra-fast charging for Android devices with advanced charge standards

Anker PowerCore III Elite 25600 PD 60W

This is the Anker power bank to buy if you’ll need to recharge powerful devices with high capacity batteries quickly. It supports power delivery over the USB-PD standard, at up to 60W; that’s similar to the chargers of many recent laptops. Or you can use either of the two USB-A ports to get up to 18W charging, perfect for many phones.

As the name suggests, the Anker PowerCore III Elite 25600’s capacity is 25,600mAh. It has serious power. Just check you’ll be OK with the weight and size; it’s around 570g, 183mm long and 24mm thick. However, for long trips away from charge points, it is fantastic.


  • Excellent charging speed for gadgets that use USB-PD, such as recently-released laptops and tablets
  • Very high 25600mAh capacity is perfect for big-battery devices
  • Can charge three items at once over USB-C and USB-A


  • Quite large and heavy, so not ideal for casual portable use
  • You’ll need a powerful charger to recharge this battery in the optimal 3 hours

Anker PowerCore III Wireless 10000

There’s still a certain novelty to power banks with wireless charging. The Anker PowerCore III Wireless 10000 has a Qi pad on its top — “Qi” being the wireless charging standard used across in the industry these days, including in iPhones, wireless earphones and Androids. There are USB-C and USB-A ports for trusty old cabled charging, both of which offer 18W output. The wireless pad provides up to 10W, which is solid speed for a Qi pad.


  • Has a Qi wireless charging pad built-in
  • 18W wired charging works well with iPhones
  • Includes a protective travel bag to avoid scratches


  • May be a little large to fit into some pockets

When you’re away from home, running out of battery on your phone or laptop can be a frustrating experience — but with our list of Anker portable chargers, you’ll find the solution to keep your devices charged for hours without having to wait by a power outlet.


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