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As if the PS5 wasn’t rare enough, check out this limited edition PS2 version of the console

The PS5 was just released in late 2020 and there’s already some fantastic design mods out there – but you’ll have to move very quickly if you want the juicy PS2 edition.

When the PS5 was first unveiled some Sony fanboys had to do a double-take. For years the brand was almost as synonymous with being as all-black as the New Zealand rugby team; yet here it was, a towering titan encased in white plastic. Shock, horror, think of the children!

Until now, Xbox has largely had the owned the white aeshetic with its One S and Series S consoles, but with this generation the two brands have reversed strategy by experimenting with the opposite shades – albeit still in utilitarian monochrome, lest we get too far ahead of ourselves.

Fortunately, if you want to return to the consoles of yesteryear, SUP3R5 has unveiled a new version of the PS5 console that’s not just black but also takes other design tips from the PS2 such as the familiar multi-coloured PS logo.

But if you do want to turn back the clock, you’ll surely have to set your alarm as the console goes on sale at 3pm EST (that’s 8pm GMT) and it’s likely to sell like hotcakes (as has the console itself, which is still subject to very limited availability weeks after its launch).

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In our review of the PS5, we noted that the design was not one of its strong points, but this new (and of course unofficial) revamp doesn’t do anything to address the key problems. For one thing, it’s a really bulky bit of kit that you might struggle to fit into your home set-up – even IKEA has been poking fun, as you can see in the below tweet. But on top of that, it has quite a cheap, plasticky feel to the touch which is unfortunate for such an expensive outlay.

However, for those of you who are less shallow, there’s still plenty to shout about. Load times are ultrafast, there are game-changing developments such as 3D audio and hardware-accelerated ray-tracing, and in a key advantage over its Microsoft counterpart, the console gives nuanced feedback via the DualShock controller that can even replicate the patter of raindrops against your palms for unparalleled in-game immersion.

Whether it looks like a resurrected PS2 or the white tower of Gondor, the PS5 will guarantee you top-class entertainment. The struggle is just whether or not you can even find one in the first place.


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