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Best Apple Watch 6 Straps: Compare the best accessories for your watch

The right band can make a huge difference to your Apple Watch, and with this specially selected list of the best straps available, you are sure to find the right one for you.

A new watch strap can give your Apple Watch Series 6 an entirely new personality; you could go executive with a stainless-steel link bracelet, gaudy with one peppered with fake diamonds, or out-there if you choose a strap with a bold graphics pattern. We’re here to offer a few top suggestions we think will appeal to most Watch Series 6 owners out there — so read on to find our favourites.

Apple Watch Leather Link

There’s often interesting engineering going on in Apple’s Watch straps, and the Leather Link is a great example. It doesn’t use a clasp or a loop. The two parts of the strap stick together on your wrist using magnets, making it very easy to take on and off, but these magnets are also strong enough to keep the Apple Watch firmly in place. It’s a bit of a marvel. The leather used is ultra-high-end too; it is Roux Granada leather from France. While you can find cheap impersonations online, none will feel quite as good or weather as well as the official Leather Link.


  • Smart, secure and quick magnet attachment system
  • Distinctive appearance that still comes across as stylish
  • Comfortable thanks to the use of quality leather


  • A significant investment for a watch strap

Apple Watch Sport Loop

Consider an Apple Watch Sport Loop if you’d like a reasonably priced and ultra-comfortable alternative to the strap that came with your watch. This is a nylon band that is quicker to take on and off and, from our experience, noticeably more comfortable too. It uses Velcro-like attachment loops, removing the need to mess about with snaking one end of the strap under the other. The Sport Loop comes in a bunch of finishes, with colour accents at the sides to avoid a basic single tone look.


  • Very comfortable
  • Nylon weave design is suitable for sports use
  • Quick to take on and off


  • May appear quite simple for what is a premium strap

Spigen Lite Fit

This one’s a top pick for those working with a tight budget. The Spigen Lite Fit is a practical, neat-looking fabric strap adjusted using a buckle. It comes in green, blue, and black, and is a good alternative to Apple’s own Sport Loop. Made using a comparable nylon weave, the buckle is no-frills zinc alloy. If you’re looking to spend a little less, you can’t go far wrong here — just make sure you buy in the right size.


  • Comfortable and hard-wearing nylon strap material
  • Good value
  • Available in three fetching colours


  • A little bulked-up at the points where strap meets watch face

We know that finding the perfect Apple Watch strap can be a difficult task in the face of the hundreds of available choices, but our carefully chose list of the very best ones on the market will help you find a strap that fits both your style and your budget.


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