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Best smartwatch: Cast your vote for the best wearable you can buy

While Google’s Wear OS continues to flounder, smartwatch manufacturers are shooting for the stars in the rest of the market. From the all-around finesse of Apple’s watches to the advanced tech of Fitbit and Withings. Here’s our pick of the best smartwatches, take a look and then vote for the winner.

After a shaky start where many wondered if there was really any need for a little computer on your watch, smartwatches have exploded (figuratively) with a focus on health and fitness alongside some time-saving smart tech features.

Whether its a watch mainly made for tracking your workouts and running routines or for just saving you time when it comes to queuing up your playlist and reading messages, we’ve collected the top picks the industry has to offer. Check out our best smartwatch list below and vote for your favourite.



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