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Best tablet: Let us know your thoughts on the top tablet you can buy right now

Tablets now come in many shapes and sizes, while also often focusing on very different experience. You can pick up tablets that specialise in drawing, reading, media creation or productivity, with some spanning several categories. Here’s some of our favourites for you to look over and place your vote for best tablet.

Along with specialising in different areas, tablets come with a plethora of accessories to further augment your experience. From simple cases to ones that act as a stand (that can be pretty pricy… ahem, Apple) to a wide range of handy styli. 

There’s so much choice that it’s handy to have good ol’ Recombu around to give you the skinny on these diverse devices. We’ve brought together our tablets that have received our coveted Gold Award after being put through our reviews process. Now, it’s your turn to vote and pick your favourite.



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